The Goods and Bads of Technology in Our Everyday Life

Ever since the last two decades, our lives have changed 180 degrees with the onset of technology. Take a minute off and look at all the screens that you see around you, at least two to three right? You are not alone.

At any given point in time, everybody all over the world is finding their way around one technology or another.

This constant 100% dependency on technology has brought with itself a life that revolves around one device or another. And the to-ponder-upon part is that technology would only become more invasive every passing today, don’t believe me? Here, take a look at the tech trends that will become mainstream in just 2 years. You will be shocked when you realize where the tech world is headed.

With such great advent and inclusion, let us look at the ways technology is impacting our everyday life both positively and negatively.
Let us first look into the various benefits that technology has brought into our life –

Real Time Everything

Nowadays, everything from booking a taxi or ambulance to ordering food and groceries has become real time and on demand. We no more have to step a foot outside our homes to get these benefits. The power of getting all that we need is now at our fingertips.
This real-time and on-demand ecosystem has brought us more in control of our lives.

Streamlined Businesses

There was a time when businesses struggled because of the lack of syncness between their in-house and offshore teams and even more so when one of their employees used to go on leave and some dependency used to come behind his back.
But, with technology, offices have now become remote. Teams are no more dependent on each other being physically present in a location. Everybody now converses on skype and Gmail that is installed on every device.


Cashless Economy

Paper currency is something we have long struggled because of. The years that are now long gone saw us standing in long ATM lines and getting anxious as soon as the currency notes in our homes went below a certain level.
But the time has shifted now.
With technology, the world has officially moved from using currency notes to digital finance economy where money is transferred from one account to another without the sight of a currency note.

Better Relation Management

If there is one thing that technology has given us that has made our life much sorted, it is the chance of managing all our relationships better.
Now, we can contact and hear back from our relatives and friends the moment we miss them; we no more have to wait for that letter to reach them or the overseas phone call burning a hole in our pockets.
We are now much more involved in each other’s lives than we once were.

Made us Health Conscious

Lastly, the best thing that technology has done for us is made us self-aware. We are now more conscious about health and are willing to take control of our everyday fitness monitoring.
With the power to check our calorie count and the kilometers covered, we are now more health conscious. Also, because of technology, we are no more waiting for the next doctor visit to find a remedy to our ailment, now the information to everything – from the cause to the solution is in our hand.

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Now that we have seen the goods of technology, here are the negative impacts that technology has introduced our everyday life with –

1. Stress

The biggest affliction that technology has bestowed upon is the constant stress. In the time when the world is always available always connected, the same is expected of everyone who has an access to a phone and internet condition. With companies now going remote, the work-life balance line that was anyway very thin is now becoming invisible.
This constant need of being available and replying on time every time is the number one reason behind stress in our generation.

2. Poor Sleeping Habits

How many times have you found yourself staring into your mobile devices when you couldn’t sleep at 2 a.m. or how many times have you woken up with a Facebook new notification beep just because your phone was on loud? A lot, right?
This is the story of every person in our world today. And what are the implications you ask? Lack of sleep and the hundreds of diseases – physical and psychological – that comes because of it.


3. Deteriorating Social Skills

With messaging becoming our comfort zone and changing status updates becoming our vent out solution, we have today forgotten how to make amends face to face or express our feelings beyond emoticons.
We are becoming so indulged with technology that we have started forgetting the social cues. A lot of us are now showing empathy on screens and are clueless about what the comforting facial expression in the absence of a screen.

4. 24*7 Distraction

The last but the most prevalent disadvantage that technology has introduced our world with is the constant distraction. This distraction is what dating advice websites and mental health blogs ask us to steer clear off but then, how can we curb the temptation of unlocking our devices to just look at the time. Right?
Think about it, when did you have a conversation with someone with both of your phones lying meters apart? And I am talking about actual conversation, now a good morning or good night. Has been a while, hasn’t it?

So, here were the goods and bads that technology has brought into our lives. While on one hand, it is a savior, on the stark other, it is one that you should shove in some corner. Ultimately, it all comes down to how you are able to keep the life outside technology alive in you.

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