The Newest Beauty Trends From Asia

It’s no secret that we adore beauty trends from the Far East. K-beauty has taken the makeup world by storm and brought to light beauty products from not only Korea, but Japan, China and more! Today, we’ve done our research and are keeping up with the best, latest and most innovative beauty trends.

Black Charcoal

While rubbing jet black anything onto our faces seemed a bit strange at first, we’ve now been converted into hardcore charcoal believers. Activated charcoal is used to attract dirt and toxins in your skin and then washed away afterwards. Makes sense to us! Shiseido’s UNO Whip Wash Black is more of a grey colour but is filled with charcoal goodness. For H.D.P’s pore-stamping charcoal mineral mask is another great go-to. It removes excessive sebum while also keeping skin moisturized.

Snail Skincare

It might sound gross but hear us out on this one. Snail facials are available relatively commonly in Japan and Thailand – and rather than have snails crawl across our faces, we’ve opted for mucin-containing products instead! Snail enzyme is super high efficiency and actively firms and restores skin while also supporting cell regeneration. Our favourite is Missha’s Cell Renew Face Cream. With its healing properties it’s perfect for those who have acne-prone or sensitive skin.

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Magic Mushrooms

We’re not talking about the kind you might take in the desert, but rather mushroom extracts that help keep our skin glowing. Asian beauty brands, particularly in Japan, are mushroom-crazed and we totally get why. Mushroom extracts are ideal for combating acne, moisturizing, and brightening skin naturally! Popular Japanese skincare brand DHC has an entire line dedicated to mushroom magic. Their Kakonjuka line contains both Maitake and Reishi extract. We love the Kakonjuka cream for fine lines. Put away the fancy Chanel sunglasses, you’ll want to show it all off after this!

Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics

We know, we know – you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But we can’t help but be drawn to Asian aesthetics when it comes to beauty packaging! Japanese brands are well-known for their extremely cute aesthetic and what can we say – we love it! Less of a beauty trend and more of just something we adore, we couldn’t help but have kawaii cuteness as part of our list. Tonymoly is known for their whimsical packaging and their products are top-notch to boot! Their Runaway Strawberry Seeds 3 Step Nose Pack is cuter than cute.

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