Things To Know Before You Write Your First Resume

So you have passed graduate degree and now looking for a job? Well, you might be surfing the internet and looking for the ways to make a great resume. A resume is a key to the career as recruiters or interviewers gauge at the resume to get the idea about an individual. If you are among those who are about to write their first resume, then you have undoubtedly landed at the right place. Here you will get to know some imperative things that you must know before you start jotting down your first resume. Just dive in to know them and get ready to catch the employer’s attention.

Read job posting

It is vital to do read the job posting with utmost attention. By doing so, you will get to know the perspective the recruiter is looking for. You can even look for the website or company profile so as to get to know what the recruiter is looking for. This will let you know whether you are a perfect fit for their company or not.

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Choose a right resume format

You must know which resume format works for you. There are different types of resume styles such as chronological, functional and combination. The first format, i.e., chronological style concentrates on the work experience. The functional styles focus on skills, and the combination formats are great for first-time job seekers.
As you are looking for the job for the first time, then you can make your resume in combination format. You can even get the help of professional resume writer. For that, you can search on Zoomthelist.Com and get an expert to write your resume.

Start with the basics

It is apparent that your resumes should include your complete details such as full name, address, e-mail address, and phone number. If you are the one that often relocates then do not forget to include your permanent address in your resume. You must also make sure to use your complete name as your user ID because using nickname will give a negative impact to the recruiter.

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Keep it one page

Nobody has that much time to read resumes of three or four pages. It is best to write your resume to the point in order to keep it one page. Focus on your skills, your strengths and explain the projects you have worked on in a concise manner.

Proofread it

Proofreading is must, and you have to check each and every word you have written in your resume. Do not rely on a word processor to catch your mistakes. You must check the grammar and spellings because a slight mistake can lead to the rejection.

Never lie

The crucial thing is whatever you write in your resume; it should be true. Well, it does not matter whether you complete your three years degree in four years, you must not lie in your resume. You never know when you get caught.
Well, the main thing that comes into play is, writing a resume is a learned skill. However, you can follow these tips in order to make the best resume ever.

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