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To create online stores adapted to the consumer needs

An online store is considered a low cost selling space since it has no intermediaries, no furniture, no staff and no rent to pay, among others. Any product is just a click away from the final consumer and, in order that this click takes place, we must adapt the store to his needs.

Whereas in a physical store location, decoration and interior design are key elements to help the sale process, in an online store it is all about design to get the consumers’ attention.

There are other aspects that have a direct relationship with the consumer experience. These are the speed of navigation and the content. However, design is going to be the key point of the sales strategy on the net since consumers’ first impression will be the website presentation.

When creating an online store, design means more than colours, shapes and organization. It also has to do with usability and accessibility, key elements to create an online store. Usability refers to the ease to navigate in the online shop and avoid problems of interaction with the consumer, whereas accessibility points out the importance to be operative from different servers, operating systems, browses and devices.

Trust and communication are the most valued features by online stores buyers. Hence, we are aiming a demanding target concerned about confidentiality. Due to this, it is important to promote quality contents and security tools when building an online store tailored to the consumer.

According to recent studies, the consumer is looking for reliability, trust and communication. Therefore, on the one hand it is important to have a proper product presentation, to show its availability and to provide personal attention, especially to consumer complaints. On the other hand, it is important to build up a trustworthy relationship with the consumer. To ensure that, we recommend to include a purchase confirmation process, data confidentiality, different payment methods, 24/7 contact and a platform where to leave comments and opinions.

The marketing agency in Barcelona Casals Online has experience in creating online stores tailored to the consumer needs and requirements. In the end, what matters is the shopping experience, and during the creation process of an online store, it is important to include the above features, which can help to satisfy the consumer and get him to repeat the transaction in the near future.

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