What You Need To Know About Window & Door Glass Installation At Home

The home window glass installationand the glass doors allow the views to the outside, the passage of light and natural ventilation and improve the quality of the spaces: they make them more spacious and brighter.

Designs for glass doors

Of course, the crystal design for these types of glasses is perfect to provide a perfect view of what is on the outside. There are no distortions and it makes space look clean and pure. It is ideal to increase the sense of spaciousness in spaces.

The reticulated design: Surely, you must have seen this in some houses! It consists of several squares together, which distort a bit the view from the other side of the room. They bring rhythm to the facades. The negative point is that the corners of the squares are very dirty and get filled with dust very quickly.

Embossed design with diamond shape: This is very similar to the square glass with lead, but with the elegance of the shape of the diamonds. However, the distortion is significant, so sometimes the landscape that is on the other side of the glass door is difficult to appreciate. Ideal if you want to have more privacy.

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Glass design with bars: This is also square, but it tends to have a larger frame, making it one of the favorites in the US. Its grid is larger than that of the gridded lead, thus allowing greater visibility than this one. Like its predecessor, it has a disadvantage in terms of cleanliness.

• Dark design: This is perfect for bathing and showering because the visibility through this glass is quite distorted. It can work, in that sense, as a modern screen. Many of these glasses have the mirror variant, where you can see clearly from the inside and the outside has a reflective surface that does not allow to see inside.

• Half-door bezel: Gothic figures and some color changes in the glass are relevant in this style. This type of doors is perfect for the main entrances. Without a doubt, your facades look more attractive to them.

Cleaning and maintenance of glass doors

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• Cleaning the glass: You have to clean the glasses at least once a week. You can clean them with dishwashing detergent and gently remove it. Use a small amount of water to rinse and dry them to avoid water spots. You can also use a glass cleaner. They are very useful when the doors are wide and tall.

• Cleaning the door frame: The most important thing is that you clean the door frame with a little detergent. Rinse it with a little water and dry it with a cloth to avoid stains.

• Add lubricant: For a better opening and closing of the door (even if it is a sliding door), you can keep it lubricated so it would work for a longer time, will not rust or make noises.

Door and security (considerations on the type of glass)

The glass doors can be very elegant, but also a little dangerous if you have children at home. It is best to use tempered glass, which does not break easily. You can also opt for glasses with a protective film. In addition to the fact that there are colors -which can give an interesting touch, they are ideal for protection in case they break. The film not only works as a means of security against theft, but it does not allow fragments of glass to be scattered.

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Finally, a piece of advice: if you are going to install a glass door or make a home window glass repair in your home, always turn to professionals. We recommend you contact Professional Glass and Doors if you need the service. They’ll show you what type of door is best for you, not only because of its cost, but also because of its design, safety, and security.

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