Is accounting software beneficial for our business? Is it save our precious time? Is it has a capacity of managing our useful data? So, Dear reader! In this article today I’ll give all the answers of you questions. First we need to understand what is Accounting Management Software?


A handy asset for managing different accounting business operations, handpicked by bookkeeper.Accounting management software helps companies to keep accounting data organized, payable bills, accounting notes, and contacts data, including their overdue items. It is easily used by accounting professionals for managing accounts and account activities. Modern accounting software is always connected to the internet.


Various type of accounting management software available in the market. We can use it according to our requirement. General classification of accounting software:

1.SPREADSHEET SOFTWARE: Spreadsheet software is also known as a spreadsheet program or spreadsheet application. This software stores and analysis data in tabular form. A small business can be run just using an electronic spreadsheet. It is inexpensive. Such as the Zoho Sheet and Spread 32 are well known spreadsheet software.

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2. COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE: Commercial software is normally licensed, that is designed and developed for licensing or sale to end users. Such as the Windows Operating System and MS Office are some of the well-known commercial software.

3. ERP SOFTWARE: ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This online accounting software is usually needed by the huge and most intricate company.it is very expensive. Such as the Odoo and Apache OFBiz are the worldwide ERP software.

4. CUSTOM ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE: In Customized Accounting Software we make changes in already made accounting software. This softwares requires more maintenance compare to commercially-available packages.


1. SIMPLIFICATION: Accounting Management Software make companies work simple. Its performs automated calculations, manages all the financial activities of business and reduces accountants load from performing manual work.

2. SAVES EXPENSE: We do not have to outsource finance management to an exterior specialist. It also saves money and paper from printing documents and receipt.

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3. COMPUTERIZED INVOICE: It is a big benefit of Accounting Management Software that it has a capability to run reports to determine which customers have paid or not, who owes you, how much and for how long. This all done easily. we can contact clients that who are late-payers, minimizing misfortunes. In this way a computerized invoicing system completes this requirement very well.

4. SECURITY: Accounting Management Software provides a full security for companies financial data, especially cloud based accounting software performs a very good role in security. Accounting Softwares also gives a option for building our internal security structure, and decide who will have access to sensitive data.

5. BUILDS GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH CLIENTS AND CUSTOMERS: Accounting Management Software prevent all hold off delays because it works fast. With accounting software there is no any and misperception in finance. It makes company reliable.


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